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The 7th is among the 7 battleground districts President Barack Obama won in both and, vpap.org but in Trump carried it by points. A PAC backing Ellmore last year released an ad campaign against Wexton, whom served in the military during the Gulf War, for her response to constituents’ concerns over federal gun policy. The nominee lists the National Popular Vote compact as a priority, but Wexton has focused much of her attention on problems that are some other . Wexton explained she wasn’t elected to “doball,” but to “take care of people today.

How does Dan Helmer method to support our schools? Who would be the leaders of schools which are public and charters within his district? Usually are charter schools succeeding in his district? What are the difficulties and opportunities confronting local public schools? Who would be the state leaders in public education? Will he commit to supporting the public schools and local teachers? Will he continue to support public school and charter schools choice?

Will he devote to producing better transparency in our schools? Precisely how should your neighborhood public schools perform at a greater level than in the past? Just how many pupils from various communities come together at your schools? Will Dan Helmer help our public schools’ potential to produce secure places? Would your local community take advantage of more school choice options? Will he agree to making sure that just about every child has a professor that knows the label of theirs and cares about their potential?

Just what are the top three things that need to happen for the achievements of your respective high school? Exactly why might they continue to come together? So how does he intend to improve our high school graduation rate? What kind of curriculum is taught? What do students that graduate from high school in Dan Helmer’s district think about their experience? Where’s your high school? What’s happening at your community college nowadays? If you can do the community college in your community, would you go to school there rather than heading to a four-year institution?

How does Dan Helmer strategy to protect our children from predators? How much money if the state buy your high school? How do you want your college or university to support you? What is the condition of sex trafficking in your community? How would he fight sex trafficking? Will he help better mental health providers in our schools? How will he fight against the spread of social media apps as snapchat that encourage users to post nude pictures of themselves?

What many other ways can the government combat sex trafficking? What exactly are the most urgent needs inside your neighborhood community college? What various other types of predators and crimes will he attack?

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